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Executive Diploma in Digital Marketing

This programme aims to provide students a fundamental understanding of marketing with a strong focus on digital marketing. With more than 4.87M and 2.45B netizens in HK and worldwide respectively, marketing via E-channels is critically important to acquire and retain customers in a timely manner. The class will cover key marketing management topics with comprehensive and in-depth coverage of website & E-commerce management and email / search engine / mobile / social media marketing. Register this programme now to grasp the know-how of digital marketing and run it better and faster than your competitors.

To equip entry-level executives with the concepts, practical guidelines, latest developments, and best practices of digital marketing in order to advance their knowledge and career.

Learners who are new to marketing, with a particular interest in learning how to expand business and engage customers through digital medium.

This programme comprises seven modules – six must-learned marketing and e-marketing modules, plus a Management Project, to help students building comprehensive knowledge and apply it to real-life management project. Lecturers will use case studies, group presentations, discussions and debates to enhance learning.

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